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Oh boy! We have some big news!

Our website has changed a lot... Be updated, read more!

As you know, our website is developing everyday, today is no different day. And we had our team's first official meeting! 😍

New name and logo!

Yes, those big updates are new name and new logo! You may remember that our name used to be "Poet Elvis", but today team officially decided to change the name to "Anatomia Poetica" (en. - the anatomy of poetry). Old name came from one of website creators - Poet evais, so for new users it meant like this was some personal poetry blog. Now it shows that this website is for all of you! You help us grow. Want to be one of our authors? Click here and submit your art to us! 🤩

And with the new name came the new official logo! Lock at that beautiful thing. Have you seen something more beautiful?

Firs official team's meeting!

Last night our team had first official and meetings! It was essential thing - we needed to decide where we are going next and we decided that:

  • This website is definitely for all;

  • Cleared our vision and goals;

  • Decided how we will grow;

  • Started to write our brand book;

  • Started to form our strategy.

So many things are happening right now... So you need to be updated. Click here, go to heading, go to contact and enter your email!


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