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In this short article our creators will tell you about this page, their vision and how can you help us grow. ❤️

What is this all about? 📢

This page was an old dream of Poet evais. He wanted to create something, a place for young and old to people to express themselves, because for a long time he himself didn't have a place like this. From time to time he visited sites where he could upload his poetry, but comments from other people demotivated him. They said: "your poetry is so dark", "I wonder what your mother would think if she saw it" and so on. And today we have this place where everyone can write to our team, submit their poems/novels and other work of art and be published in a real website.

"No matter if you are young, old, women, men, non-binary or other, this place is for you and your art", - poet evais.

Our vision 📍

We understand that this is page for now is not well known and there are things in development. But hey - it is working and you can visit us, publish your work. But think about the big picture. Me and _kazko.reikia is thinking about big things. Yes, one of the goals is to build strong community and have a large library of arts, but we seek more. We want to help people, who wants to publish their work, but is too afraid to do it. We want to help people gain courage and believe in themselves.

Another goal - to be so big, that we could help others to publish their books in physical form, not only in our page. So let us all create a safe place to be, create and enjoy others art.

How can you help? ✌️

Be brave! Spread your wings and send us your work - we will gladly publish it.

How to publish your work? It's easy! Go here and fill the form:

Want to be more than an author? Subscribe us and get the news first! As we grow bigger, we will need some hands to help us publish things, so... Subscribe here:



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