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#2 Planets: Jupiter

Today Paulina presents you a new planet, the biggest one in our solar system!

Today we fly to Jupiter - big red planet. So buckle up your seat belts and check your astronaut costumes. Let exploring begin!

Fact #1 - That's a big one!

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, it is so big that we could fit about 1500 earths in it. The reason behind its massive size is that Jupiter is actually a failed star.

Fact #2 - Now that's a place to read a book in a stormy night

Jupiter has a storm named ”red spot“ which bigger than our home planet earth. Red spot has been raging for years, unlike short storms that happen on earth.

Fact #3 - Why have one moon when you can have 80?

This planet has the most moons out of all the planets of our Solar system. According to NASA, Jupiter has about 80-95 moons. It has a moon called “Europa“ – name similar to a continent “Europe“, but it wasn't named after a continent, it was named for a woman who, in Greek mythology, was abducted by the god Zeus – Jupiter in Roman mythology (The Romans regarded Jupiter as the equivalent of the Greek Zeus).

Fact #4 - Thank you!

Jupiter has such a strong gravity that it protects earth from asteroids. There are theories that if Jupiter didn't exist – neither would we. Because asteroids would likely destroy the earth.

Fact #5 - So, are we moving in?

People wouldn't survive on Jupiter, well, maybe for up to 1 second, but not longer, because gas pressure would crush us.

It's sad that we can't live on this planet... The view and storms must be nice...

Today we learned about Jupiter. What Paulina gonna present next?

Written by Paulina


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