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#1 Planets: J1407b

Today we start of new article line: planets! One of our writers Paulina will present you all kinds of planets: small, big, gas, solid and so on...So be tuned and don't miss one of them!🌍

So let's begin to explore all different planets we can find in our Universe. Our "astronaut" Paulina will lead us in this journey. Imagine, you wake up and see that you are not on earth... nor the moon... You are on J1407b! Since it's your new home, dig in to facts about this amazing and mysterious planet! 👽

Fact #1 - Where are we? 🚀

J1407b is a planet not in our solar system. It’s 400+ lightyears away from us. 1 lightyear = 9461 billion kilometers.

Fact #2 - Look at those rings in front of you! 🔭

It is often called “Super Saturn” because J1407b has rings about 200 times bigger than Saturn’s. It’s rings are 180 billion kilometers wide.


The planet seems small compared to the rings (but it isn’t). If a planet like J1407b would be in our solar system, let’s say, in the place where Saturn is - we would be able to see it’s rings from earth with naked eye.

Fact #4 - Look around while you can... 🌌

In the future (in about a couple of million years) the rings will likely become thinner and disappear. The ring system could coalesce into moons. But for now, it’s space’s lord of the rings.

Oh, to live on this beautiful planet... Too bad she's married...

So today we learned about this huge planet with so many rings... I wonder what Paulina will present to us next!

Written by Paulina


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