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Candle Lighting Prayer


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Weary soul

Tired eyes looking for an answer

In books, poems, songs.

Weary soul already knows

The answers

Which no one should experience.


Reading Glasses on Book


The spring rain appeared in puddles with bubbles, promising to return everything back, what winter took mercilessly.



Maybe brighter

When the world is covered with sunrise,

My darkness has not gone away.

She will always be with me

Just maybe a little brighter,

If you're with me.



Three of us


let's run away.

Let's run away to the edge of the world,

where we can count all the stars, where we will sit on a cliff and

dangle our feet into the abyss,

where we can dream and be just

you, me and our love.



Good or right?

The next time you tell someone that he is a "good person" and that he will definitely find someone, you better change those words to "the right person", because you told me that I was a good person, but I was not right for you. 

//Good person is not necessarily a right person.



My story

It is probably always strange

to feel, 
to feel that you have nothing in yourself. 
But perhaps the strangest thing is to feel 
that you have damaged yourself in this way. 
You broke it not for yourself, but for others. 
For those who made me feel like trash in the cold autumn wind. 
Made me feel unnecessary, giving away a lot of my inner world.

But it will probably take time now to tear down the wall brick by brick, which I feel like an anchor pulling down in my chest.

That wall that doesn't allow you to feel what beauty can offer morning snow accompanied by sun rays, burning sunsets, a calm breath of wind that brings peace to the whole body.



I don't understand

There seem to be so much I want to write down, 
But only when my fingers touch the letters, 
Thoughts hide, and the world of feelings disappears. 
I seem to feel it, but I don't. 
I seem to see, but I don't. 
I seem to hear, but I don't. 
And I really don't understand anything.



In progress.

The hardest nights are those

In whose arms you feel longing melancholy.

You know you miss, but you don't understand what.

It doesn't seem like a person, it doesn't seem like a feeling.

Then you think "maybe I miss myself..?"

Then thoughts weave into memories,

In which you were different…

You loved more, felt more, wanted more. You were not afraid of it.

Then you realize that you feel vanity and longing for no one else, but for yourself.

To that innocent creature who once hoped and wished too much, who could dream and believe that he is equally worthy of what life has to offer.

Coming Soon

In progress.

Still writing it.

Coming Soon

Night sky stars

The night sky stars are the only place where I feel safe.
You may ask why?
The answer is simple. 
There are so many stars that can bear 
what my heart cannot bear anymore.



In progress.

Still writing it.

Coming Soon

In progress.

Still writing it.

Coming Soon
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