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You lie like all the others do

Hold my hand till our paths

brakes apart.

Say you love until our hearts are shattered in pieces like abstract art.

Do not say goodbye, no matter how much we know it is our last night.

But I know from the depths of my soul that when you said: "If I haven't met you that morning, I'd still love you, because in my heart of hearts, I know we're soul mates".

You lied like all the other people that wanted to change my faith.

- evais

Rain Flowers


How my heart screams in sorrow

When I wake up and you not here.

I look trough my window with hope to find you tomorrow,

But as long as world exists I've only found my own stare.

You tried to convince that you love me,

But everyday you said it less and less.

Now I'm hanging on pain like a man hung down from the tree.

You came and left. Left me as a one big mess.

- evais


In progress.

Still writing it.

Coming Soon

Oh, to be in love

I love the way you look, but I do not love you anymore. And when I look in the mirror, I finally see my eyes instead of yours.


- evais

Broken Mirror

Existential crisis

Why a lie can become flesh,

But flesh can not become a lie?

Why everyday from inside I am sapless,

And you know how to love just in a design...

Why have you created me?

What awfull thing have I done in the past?

So lets together fell the misery,

Because I am your mistake last.

You have created water, trees and gale,

Stars, a wonderful song of the heart.

Rivers, which will not stop to glide

After your death will start.


But you created me -

The scourge of the world.

And I would hug thee,

For the agony so strong and vivid...


If I want to die morning every,

Have you not created waster, sweetheart?

Why you gave me a soul so weary?

Maybe I was created not by god, but by the dark?

You created water, trees and gale,

But you created and me.

By giving me pain villane,

You want to take me, you greedy.

- evais

Performance Art

In progress.

Still writing it.

Coming Soon
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